Conscious Parenting involves taking a mindful approach to the relationship with our children. It means awakening to the often unconscious, patternistic ways that we relate. It asks us to look at our language, approach, attitude and behavior toward our little ones. It shifts us from “doing” for our children to “being” with our children. Out of this automated way of living, we are awakened into a perspective where we come alive with our children, ourselves.

This allows us to be with our children in a new way that honors authenticity, attunement, respect and a sense of being present. Conscious Parenting calls into careful consideration all aspects of parenting, including discipline, nutrition and lifestyle, and fostering their highest potential. It helps us bring compassion to the parenting journey, and an authentic life experience of dropping in and savoring this sacred relationship.

Our Integrative Approach

Mindfulness based, Relationship-Oriented Parenting for the Whole Child

Our integrative approach means looking at the whole child – physical, psychological, community and spiritual health, spanning from initial attachment to later childhood. Our intention is to support growth and development of the child by awakening parents to the wisdom they already have. This means that you have a sense of what feels “right to you” when we get beyond what is automatic for you. We help guide you to feed your family better, approach life more slowly, and support your connection with your children. We all want to raise the bar of parenting in general and offer our children the best of ourselves.

Using mindfulness along with research-based knowledge new to the field of parenting, we illustrate the power of being awake and connected. This often means looking deeply at ourselves and the ways we are with our children both in what we believe and how that translates into our parenting approach to break past old ways of being and thinking that can stem from society or our own upbringing. Ultimately, parenting from this perspective offers a way to live with intention, rooted in our values. Parenting becomes a practice, something that we do as a part of our own growth process.

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