Woohoo! It’s summer. The (other) most wonderful time of the year. Summer is the perfect time to slow down, savor, and appreciate everything that life has to offer. It’s also the time to have fun and make memories. We are big believers in avoiding over-scheduling for kiddos. A little time to “be bored” can be good! It’s a time when creativity and autonomy can really shine. Summer is about having just enough to do, but still having plenty of downtime. Here are some ideas for doing just that.

A life without love is like a year without summer.

A Swedish Proverb

  1. Throw out the schedule. If you can…flow with the season. Enjoy those warm summer nights. Get outside with your family or neighbors during this beautiful time of year. Eat dinner outside. Walk or ride bikes around the neighborhood.
  2. Go play in the water! Any water. If you’re lucky to live by the coast, beach days can’t be beat. If you don’t, then find a lake or river and enjoy!
  3. Make homemade lemonade. Or strawberry lemonade! Or cherry limeade. Enjoy it outside on a hot day.
  4. Rediscover your own city. Find some new places to check out – a new park or restaurant that you might not otherwise try.
  5. Grow a children’s garden. If you’re late to the game, get some starter plants at a local nursery. There is still plenty of time to water and grow some gorgeous summer veggies. It’s fun for kids to watch their plants grow! Go organic and feel good about eating some right off the vine. A little dirt is ok!
  6. Go hiking as a family. Try both an old favorite and some new spots this summer.
  7. Make popsicles! Silicone molds are the safest. Blend up fruits, veggies, coconut milk, nuts or seeds, pretty much anything you would put in a smoothie – freeze and enjoy!
  8. Watch a sunset together. Lay outside at night and watch the stars with your kids. Try a sunrise if your kids are up early anyway!
  9. Check out your local library. Most have fun summer things for kids.
  10. Fly a kite!
  11. Find a friend or neighbor that needs some help, and do something kind for them together with your child. A family with a new baby or an elderly neighbor may really appreciate this, and it’s a great way to get your children into the spirit of service.
  12. Have a picnic. Invite friends or family to join. Let your child help plan and prepare the food.
  13. Visit a farm! Bonus points if you can find a local, organic and sustainable operation.
  14. Camp in the backyard.
  15. Freeze a variety of different berries. Enjoy outside on a hot day while you color with sidewalk chalk. Yum!
  16. Take a day trip to somewhere you’ve never been, or have never taken your kids before.
  17. Enjoy an outdoor concert as a family.
  18. Set your kids up with paper and art supplies to write letters or draw pictures to family members, then mail them.
  19. Check out a local museum you’ve never been to on a hot day.
  20. Get a simple canvas from a craft store and let your child paint with watercolors. Save it or give it away to a family member.

Have a favorite summer pastime? Share with us!

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