A Truly Integrative E-Course for Conscious Parenting & Family Wellness

Are you looking for family wellness, but don’t know where to start?

Would you like to be feeding your family better, but don’t know how?

You’re pregnant – Yay!! Now what?!

Feel like you’re working tirelessly to find flow within your family life?

Is your child struggling with…life? Are you?

Want to tap into more wisdom, joy, and balance? Creating a conscious connection is the foundation of a fulfilling and enduring relationship with your child.

Maybe you

Are an active and busy parent, with not enough time or energy.
Don’t feel like you have the background to do this alone.
Are feeling frustrated, burnt out or just simply uninspired.

Join us on a mindfulness-based, relationship oriented approach to parenting the whole child. The Conscious Connection is a resource of mind-body wisdom for parents seeking to transform their parenting experience.

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Use mindfulness to create an authentic experience, enjoy parenting, and teach your child a valuable life skill. Learn ways to strengthen the parent-child bond, as well as practical ways to support family relationships. Take a broad, integrative look at wellness of the whole child – including nutrition, sleep, natural remedies and so much more.

Perhaps you’ve started on the journey already, but want to kick it up a bit!

  • Expanding yourself as your child grows
  • Flow in your day – your life feeling easier and more satisfying
  • A healthy and happy family, a life with more vitality
  • Your children growing up in a tightly connected family
  • Having the confidence to feed your family well and use natural remedies
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This self-paced e-course offers modules featuring:

Practical, ready to implement ideas for your family as a whole
A downloadable guidebook to take you on a reflective personalized experience
A series of meditations and mindfulness exercises for both you and your child


guides for your journey

Jessica Killebrew Psy.D.

Jessica Killebrew Psy.D.

Jessica received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Integrative Psychology. She conducted her practicum at UCSD’s Center for Mindfulness. She uses a mindfulness-based, integrative, wellness-focused lens. This is the framework used in her role as coach, psychotherapist and parenting guide.


Amanda Queen PA-C

Amanda Queen PA-C

Amanda is a physician assistant, fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine with Dr. Andrew Weil, through the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. Clinically she practiced Pediatric Emergency Medicine for several years. She is a Certified Parent Educator through Attachment Parenting International.


Dr. Jessica Killebrew is a specialist in the Integrative field & her patients love her! Dr. Jess is not only a loving healer but an outstanding mother who truly practices the core of what she teaches. This course is for anyone who wants to take a conscious look at their family and enrich their life.
Regina Huelsenbeck, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist: Rehabilitation Specialist and Mindfulness Practitioner, Owner of Rituals of Healing Inc.

Jessica and Amanda come together in a rich complement of interest and experience. They draw on both the highest levels of technical skill, as well as the wisdom of diverse community to inform their work. Their level of focus and dedication really comes through in this offering!
Kabir Kadre

Wisdom Counsel

Children are not vessels to be filled, but candles to be lit.

William Martin, The Tao of Children

Parenting For The Mind, Body & Soul

  • Learn to slow down, savor, and act with wisdom
  • Foster your child’s highest potential
  • Creative solutions for varying parental challenges
  • Get in touch with your values, needs and desires to create an ideal family life
  • Meditation and guidebook exercises for you and your child
  • Incorporates nutrition and natural solutions to support your overall family wellness, including tips for breastfeeding, starting solids, and eating well as a family
  • Natural remedies for holistic care of your children
  • Parental self-care as well as care of the family
  • Create a more fulfilling child-parent relationship
  • Deepen your life by connecting with authenticity
  • Step into magical moments with your child
  • Find your parenting tribe
  • Realize personal growth as a springboard to family evolution

Jessica and Amanda, Commendations for a program that will empower parents to become informed, active caretakers in their children’s development. A much-needed Integrative approach for the well-being of both parents and children. Great practical advice about what works at each developmental level and personality. But overall you propose meaning-making as family experience and purpose, a value that participates in the human family’s evolution and potential. Exciting and important work. Brava!

Don Eulert, Ph.D.

Director of the Center for Integrative Psychology, Alliant International University, San Diego

The Mind Body Mama presents a holistic approach to support conscious parents, integrating a wide range of the best practices in psychotherapy and medicine. Jessica and Amanda are a powerful duo weaving together an integrative program that can help families with children of all ages.

Ilene Val-Essen, Ph.D.

Author, Psychotherapist, Parenting with Wisdom and Compassion and Bring Out the Best in Your Child and Your Self

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This e-course is about expanding your awareness so that you may step into a place of grounded presence and access your higher consciousness. This allows you to show up in an entirely new way with your children, with an expanded heart, consciously CONNECTED.

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You must be the change you wish to see in the world

Mahatma Gandhi

everything you need in 3 modules

Mindfulness Based Parenting
  • What is mindfulness, why it’s useful and how to incorporate into your daily parenting
  • Parenting as a practice, how your child can be your greatest teacher
  • Tapping into Wisdom – what it means to be awake
  • Working on yourself, expanding your toolbox of parenting skills
  • Setting reasonable expectations of your child according to their developmental level
Relationship Oriented Parenting
  • Learn the basics for establishing a lifelong relationship with your child
  • Conscious Parenting approaches and how to customize your own parenting
  • Parenting principles based on attachment and observation, how to parent compassionately, respectfully and peacefully.
  • Apply positive discipline strategies to common parenting struggles
Parenting for the Whole Child
  • Nutrition basics: How to feed your family, eating well made simple
  • Natural remedies to support overall wellness
  • Practical solutions and insight to common problems associated with sleep, breastfeeding, and minor illnesses
  • Create a non-toxic home environment, how to transition to cleaner and safer household and personal care products
  • Establish family values and practices to support self care and self compassion

Includes bonus module, the newest Mind Body Mama course:
The Mindful Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the sacred journey of becoming a mother. Learn how to stay grounded, mindful, and truly prepare the body and mind.

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The Conscious Connection as a complete course – take this course as a lifestyle enhancing experience. Join us for a  truly integrative journey from the perspective of the mind, body, and spirit of the whole child.


  • All 4 course modules
  • Mind Body Soul Guidebook (pdf)
  • Audio files of meditations for parents as well as breathwork and guided imagery for children

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individual selections
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The Mindful Pregnancy $65

Mindfulness Based Parenting $65

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Parenting for the Whole Child $100

We can’t wait to do this with you!

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Join us as we take a sacred and transformative view of parenting, wellness and vitality.

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